In Memory of Robin Selznick Hoffman

Robin Selznick Hoffman lived her life in pursuit of helping others through kindness and gratitude. "Kindness matters," she would always tell her family.

As my family and I continue to grieve, we also celebrate her life and have started a fund in her name to benefit the National Alliance for Grieving Children, an organization that provides resources to children dealing with the death of loved ones. From a young age, she dealt with her own grief with the passing of her Father during her childhood to the loss of both of her brothers and her Mom later in her adult life. These deaths shaped her into the person she was, but she always found a way to turn her pain into love through the kindness and gratitude she put out into the world.

She is undoubtedly smiling up there knowing that young children dealing with the unimaginable reality of losing a parent are getting the help they need and deserve through organizations such as this one.

Robin's unwavering passion to spread love and light throughout the world is something that continues on even after her death in the legacy she has left behind. We hope you will consider making a donation of any size to help raise awareness for this important cause, as well as honor the beautiful life that she lived.

Thank you~
The Hoffman's

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